Sunday, May 03, 2009


Those deficient in vitamin D might be more susceptible to the flu. You therefore should consider taking a vitamin D supplement but be careful; very large doses of vitamin D are toxic as are large doses taken over an extended period. According to Wikipedia:
"...the U.S. Dietary Reference Intake Tolerable Upper Intake Level (UL) of vitamin D for children and adults was set at 50 micrograms/day (2,000 IU), but this is viewed as outdated and overly restrictive".
So it looks like taking 2,000 IU daily over winter should be safe.

Note: I am not qualified to give medical or nutrition advice so don't have a big cry at me if you take vitamin D and still get the flu or if you poison yourself by taking too much vitamin D.


Anonymous daddy dave said...

it's probably the case that people who have weakened immune systems for all kinds of reasons - vitamin D deficiency being one - are more susceptible to the flu.
Therefore, having chronic illness; heavy drug and alcohol use; stress; being very young or very old... all put you at risk.

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