Wednesday, June 03, 2009


While a student at Berkley in the '60s Gregory Sams fell out of a tree, breaking his back. A sinister event soon expanding his consciousness, making him aware of the potential of macrobiotic foods, eventually leading to the invention of the ever popular veggie-burger:
During his rehabilitation in Britain, Sams and his brother Craig (who later started Green & Black's chocolate), heard that the macrobiotic bookshop in New York had been raided and its books burnt. "It was the FBI," he says. "The very idea that hamburgers and milkshakes were bad for you was deemed to be seditious and anti-American. Craig and I decided that whatever this macrobiotic thing was, we wanted to be part of it. I'd been a veggie since I was 10, but I'd been eating a lot of crap like ice cream. After this, I became a lot more serious."
Having revolutionised eating in the UK, Sams moved on:
For the last 20 years or so, Sams has dedicated himself to writing - first on chaos theory and most recently in a new book, Sun of gOd, which argues the sun is a conscious entity.
Sounds like the acid talking.


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