Sunday, June 28, 2009


Very little news is making it out of Iran but there is a report of injured protesters being silently disappeared:
Iranians wounded during protests are being seized at hospitals by members of an Islamic militia, an Amnesty International official told CNN.


Amnesty International has collected accounts from people who have left Iran and expatriates with relatives there who say the Basij has prohibited medical professionals from getting identification information from demonstrators wounded in the streets, Akhlaghi said on Saturday. They are also not allowed to ask how the injuries happened.

Once the patients are treated, the militia removes them from the hospital to an undisclosed location, she said.
Iranian authorities are attempting to distract attention from events at home by making a big deal out of a protest at its Swedish embassy:
"Following the terrorist attack by anti-revolutionary groups on Iran?s embassy in Stockholm on Friday, the Swedish ambassador was summoned immediately," the IRNA report said.

An embassy employee was hurt when protesters entered the compound and attacked him, Stockholm police said.

Between 150 and 200 people had been holding a demonstration outside the embassy in protest at post-election violence in Iran.

"The protest was largely peaceful except ... when an unconfirmed number of people got through the fence and attacked one of the embassy staff," said police officer Ulf Hoglund.
The protesters were simply following the embassy invasion precedent set by the Iranian government itself. Cry babies.

Update: Iran retaliates:
Iran has detained eight local staff at the British embassy in Tehran on accusations of having a role in post-election riots, local reports said.
The Islamic Republic refuses to play the game by established rules.

Update II: The Iranian embassy in Switzerland was also attacked.


Anonymous Wylie Wilde said...

Jimmy fracking Carter should have forced the Ayatollah back in the 1980s to return the Embassy staff and apologize or face a full blown war. That was a casus belli. And we would have had the regime change we needed.

3:04 AM  

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