Sunday, June 07, 2009


American tourist Chad Vance failed to reboard The Ghan in Port Augusta but knew what to do:
Mr Vance said he knew The Ghan would pull up just outside of town to change drivers before continuing its journey.

He decided to chase the train before it came to a rest.

Mr Vance said when he caught up to the stopped train, he started frantically banging on the windows of the first class dining carriage. He said the passengers ignored him because they "probably thought I was some crazy kid" outside.

After five minutes, the train started to slowly pull away again, leaving Mr Vance thinking he would be stuck in Port Augusta with just $10, a digital camera and the shirt on his back.

The young tourist then made an "instinctive" decision - which he admitted in retrospect was a "pretty crazy idea" - and managed to grab hold of the stairwell near the rear of the train and swing himself into a cramped sitting position.
This makes no sense at all. The driver is at the front of the train. Vance could easily walk the length of The Ghan and probably back in five minutes. Why didn't he walk to the front of the train to alert the driver to his presence? Something's seriously wrong with this story. Either that or there's something seriously wrong with Chad Vance.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What I saw in TV was very different. On returning to the train he saw it was pulling out so he jumped onto a small recess which is under each stairwell. His passport and baggage was on still the train ... Unfortunately he couldnt get in from that stairwell (it is only about 1m high and was exposed to the open desert air at 150kph+ ... he could have died from hypothermia. I think the story you have is different.

10:36 AM  
Anonymous Dan Lewis said...

Well at least they upgraded him.

3:44 PM  

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