Saturday, June 06, 2009


12 year-old Alice Wang is this year's American winner of the United Nations Environment Program International Children's Painting Competition, addressing the them "Climate Change: Our Challenge."
"I drew a thermometer and three hands. Two of the hands are good and one is bad. The bad one [has] stuff that contributes to global warming, and the other ones are things that prevent it," she explains.

In Wang's winning work, tiny solar panels, sunflowers, wind turbines, polar bears and penguins dance atop the two green hands. In stark contrast, the third hand is a sooty black from polluting fossil fuels emitted from cars and power plants.

Alice Wang will travel to South Korea in August for the United Nations Environment Program Tunza International Children's Conference. She'll vie among first-prize winners from six global regions for a $2,000 cash prize.
The prize really should be carbon credits, not cash. Alice would understand.

UPDATE: UNEP is also responsible for Ozzy Ozone, one of the worst educational cartoons, ever.


Anonymous Roger D said...

The guy is pretty-lame, though. Like anyone is going to be frothing at his brittle sneers.

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