Saturday, July 11, 2009


A warning from Choice:
Genetically modified ingredients are slipping under the radar and into some foods – possibly your favourite glass of red.
The article, promoting a new "pocket-sized guide listing alcoholic drinks free of genetically modified ingredients" produced by Greenpeace, mentions possible GM "contamination" of foods three times. For example, linking GM foods to Americans, who as we all know will eat anything that's bad for them:
Imported drinks are more susceptible to contamination from GM-derived ingredients, especially where the US is the country of origin.
Both the alcohol guide and the site where it's found, True Food Network, repeatedly refer to the "possible" hazards of genetically engineered foods. On the other hand, the all too real health risks associated with alcohol consumption are ignored. In reality alcohol is far more likely to adversely affect the health of Australia's drinkers than are any genetically modified materials possibly found in intoxicating beverages.


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I drive a "GM-derived" car...

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