Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Antony Loewenstein has relaunched his blog with a sexy new look and extra features. The content remains the same old, er, stuff, however. There's the usual Israel is evil hoopla. Then there are items like this:
Back in March, George Galloway led a convoy of aid into Gaza.

He’s going back...
The linked Press TV article says Galloway organised this second aid convoy but says nothing about him participating directly. Sure it's a little thing but a Middle East expert shouldn't make such mistakes. I mean, now that Loewenstein has moved from Australia to the U.S. he's over 3,000 miles closer to the action in Gaza and should get it right.

Update: Loewy screws up a two-word post:
Mondoweiss writes:
Mondoweiss doesn't write anything; it's a blog. Philip Weiss is the author. A-Lo should know this since he sometimes guest-posts there. Duh.


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