Monday, July 06, 2009


With precious little information to report, the HMAS Success "sex scandal" beat up continues. Earlier reported as a "sex plot", money is now a core issue:
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says allegations that Australian sailors engaged in a sex for money competition are disturbing.
Almost sounds like prostitution.

On the other hand, PP boy Tobias Ziegler sees the "scandal" as a problem of "organisational culture":
The problem here is that it appears some male seamen regarded their female counterparts as potential conquests, and that raises questions about attitudes toward and treatment of women in the Navy. Arguably, this is similar to the issue arising from certain high-profile sportsmen being involved in group sex or other activities that, regardless of whether they were consensual and irrespective of the fact that nothing criminal took place, involved treating women as objects in a sexual game.
Now unless there's evidence that any of the male sailors bullied or coerced the females it must be assumed the females allowed themselves to be "conquered" and must therefore share the blame if it's determined that any sex acts were in any way improper -- say for example that sexual activity in a gun mount, for example, in some way impaired combat readiness. In any event, nothing indicates the events aboard HMAS Success are indicative of institutional flaws within the RAN.

Update: Maybe it's the cold medication but it seems Jeremy and I have the same take on the sailor "sex scandal". Damn.

Note: Screwed up the title with the double quote at one end and a single at the other. Really should wear my glasses.


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