Saturday, July 04, 2009


German parliamentarians want to ban flat-rate unlimited-sex brothels as exploitative:
Social Democrat representative Katrin Altpeter has lent her support to the plan. “The state must intervene quickly to ban arrangements that do not respect human dignity,” she said.

The "Pussyclub" bordello opened in Fellbach on June 5 offering a flat-rate deal for sex. Customers pay between €70 and €100 to patronise prostitutes as often as they like in a single visit.

“The low price raises the suspicion that the women are being exploited,” Palm told SWR4.
Hey, economic times are tough. And anyway, a sex industry insider doesn't buy the exploitation angle:
"Men often over-estimate their abilities," Patricia Florein, manager of the Berlin bordello said. "Hardly any can manage more than twice."
It's a smorgasbord so load up your plate...

Update: Prostitutes in the west are in for a weekend workout:
Perth brothels are increasing staff to contend with the arrival of two US warships carrying more than 5400 sailors.
It would be interesting to know how much of the $5 million anticipated to be spent by sailors will be for sex.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

5400 sailors. That'll be some chunk of change circulating in Perth after they're done.

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