Friday, July 31, 2009


Supreme Court justice Mr McClellan today overturned a 2007 jury decision that radio 2GB host Jason Morrison had defamed Islamic identity Kayser Trad. Mr justice McClellan was scathing in his remarks:
I came to the view that the plaintiff [Trad] attempted to frame his responses in a manner which he believed would suit his interests in the litigation at times modifying his true belief. Some of his answers were not truthful. The plaintiff was not a reliable witness.

On one occasion when reminded that his personal website included a link to Radio Islam which provided a link to Mein Kampf the plaintiff said he did not know who authored Mein Kampf. The plaintiff is obviously conversant with many works of literature, history and theology, at least those with a "right wing" leaning. His suggestion when giving evidence that he did not recall that Adolf Hitler wrote Mein Kampf was disingenuous. I am satisfied that he was attempting to avoid the the [sic] criticisms which the defendant made of him.
McClellan was at this point only getting warmed up. See for yourself: the full 67 page judgment is here.


Anonymous Mehaul said...

And Trad still seems to think some judge somewhere will agree with him. Where's O'Donoghue when Trad needs her. Most likely punching the crap out of her latest male friend.

6:21 PM  

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