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Computing teacher, Scienceblogs.com blogger and part-time ddt "expert" Tim Lambert:
May Berenbaum is an entomologist at UIUC and been correcting the Rachel-Carson-killed-millions hoax for a while now. Public Radio International has interviewed Berenbaum for a podcast on DDT and malaria. She is also answering questions on the forum there. Predictably Marjorie Mazel Hecht, editor of Larouche's 21st Century Science & Technology has shown up to push the line that all that you have to do is spray DDT to solve the malaria problem.
Berenbaum claims no DDT, mosquito or malaria expertise, however, and is nothing more than a well informed layman on these subjects:
Berenbaum is interested in the chemical interactions between herbivorous insects and their hostplants, and the implications of such interactions on the organization of natural communities and the evolution of species. Her particular research interests focus on the secondary chemistry of the Umbelliferae (=Apiaceae) and the insect associates of these herbaceous plants.
Berenbaum's only significant writing on DDT's use in the fight against malaria is a 2005 Washington Post essay containing this clanger:
Spraying DDT on the interior walls of houses -- the form of chemical use advocated as the solution to Africa's malaria problem -- led to the evolution of resistance 40 years ago and will almost certainly lead to it again in many places unless resistance monitoring and management strategies are put into place.
Over time insects develop resistance to all insecticides; where did DDT resistance develop as a result of indoor spraying and how big is the problem? Entomologist Berenbaum for some reason does not address these all important issues.

A tip for the uninitiated: Tim Lambert is not an accurate source of information on DDT and malaria.

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That's about right. There has to be (in fact it's required) a 10 times over rule when it comes to Tim Lambert.

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Anyone know if Lambert is still peddling Lancet?

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That's funny, Tim could be considered a carcinogen to most topics. Very funny.

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