Tuesday, August 18, 2009


If cocaine contaminated money doesn't kill you sandwiches will:
They might seem a harmless lunchtime filler but ham, salami and devon are on the World Cancer Research Fund's hit list.

The cancer charity says eating processed meat is linked to bowel cancer in adults and it is now calling on parents to teach healthy food habits early.
And like cocaine, ham can easily become a compulsion:
Nutritionist Dr Rosemary Stanton says processed meats can become addictive.

"If you are going to start looking at what you put on sandwiches, most people put about 35 grams or so on a sandwich," she said.

"So two ham sandwiches a week, if you didn't have any other processed meat, wouldn't be such a big problem.

"But if your kids or anyone else gets addicted to ham sandwiches every day they're going to go way over that by the end of the week."
Ham sandwich addicts would do well to eliminate the carcinogenic bread, lettuce and tomato.


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