Sunday, October 18, 2009

Australia, land of deadly creatures

Visitors to Australia need to be mindful but not frightened of the many creatures down here that will eat, bite, sting, stab or slash you. Our spiders, jellyfishes and snakes are the world's most poisonous and our crocodiles and sharks among the biggest. Hell, we even have a stinging tree that can kill an animal as big as a horse; the sting of which is so intensely painful a soldier is reputed to have shot himself to end the misery. But realistically, foreign tourists have little to worry about; it's not like there are stories in the paper every day about someone being eaten by a shark or killed by snake bite. So if you're thinking about visiting Australia don't let our nasty critters put you off. Hey, you can say you visited Australia and survived the experience, regaling friends with your tale of the 6 meter crocodile that chased you through the surf at Three Bears.

If you visit from Asia and rent a car, be careful behind the wheel – some older, grumpier Australians are critical of your driving skills.


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