Friday, October 23, 2009

What, no Velvet Underground?

The harsh treatment accorded US-held terrorism suspects is back in the news with a number of high profile musicians aghast at the use of their music as an instrument of torture. The music of Metallica, REM, Nine Inch Nails, Rage Against the Machine, Pearl Jam and Britney Spears was allegedly played to Guantanamo detainees at eardrum shattering volume for stretches of up to 72 hours in an effort to make them talk. This is indeed cruel and unusual punishment. No word on any resultant music-induced bean spilling.

To restore cosmic balance Hamas-supporting "Jew" Antony Loewenstein today links to rap group Ramallah Underground (click embed below), currently inflicting suffering on Melbournians – within seconds I involuntarily blurted out the PIN for my EFTPOS card and my Asian Correspondent password. Make. It. Stop.

By the way, Loewenstein, already a best-selling author (trust me), has a recent profile-enhancing post at HuffPo. It's about Aceh but still manages to make multiple mentions of... drum-roll... Israel.

A lot of people reckon I'm pretty hard on Loewenstein but the thing is, my frequent links must send at least a few readers his way. People can work out for themselves if his anti-western, anti-Israel message is worth hearing. I therefore suggest that everyone bookmark his site and visit it regularly. You could also do me a favour by buying one or both of his books – it'll help keep him off the taxpayer-funded dole.



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