Monday, November 30, 2009

Acts of defiance

In announcing a massive expansion of its uranium enrichment program Iran has once again thumbed its nose at the mighty United Nations, which will again repond with strongly worded scolding letters. Hey, maybe an aggressive cease and desist letter to global warming would do the trick.

A similar act of defiance has just occurred in Switzerland where voters ignored the wishes of their own government, the United Nations and human rights groups by voting against further construction of mosque minarets. Fearful of the possible consequences of a "no" vote, the government felt it prudent to "mount a vigorous public relations campaign overseas to try to avoid a backlash in Islamic countries - like the one Denmark faced after publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad".

Iran need not fear the possibility of a similarly violent backlash in countries opposing its nuclear activities, however. Funny how that works.


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