Saturday, November 28, 2009

North Korea: Immortal great labor administration programme celebrated

It's virtually impossible to know for certain what goes on in North Korea but it's safe to assume the country is a basket-case. North Koreans were thus cheered to hear that the country's labor administration system is the world's finest:

A meeting took place at the People's Palace of Culture Thursday to mark the 20th anniversary of General Secretary Kim Jong Il's work "On Further Improving Labor Administration".

Present there were Kim Yong Il, premier of the Cabinet, O Su Yong and Pak Su Gil, vice-premiers of the Cabinet, leading officials of the working people's organizations, ministries and national institutions and officials in the field of labor administration in Pyongyang and local areas.

The work published on November 27, Juche 78 (1989) fully systematizes the Juche-oriented idea and theory on socialist labor administration and clearly indicates tasks and ways for improving the labor administration as required by the developing reality.

O Su Yong in a report delivered at the meeting said the work serves as an immortal great programme for the socialist labor administration run through with the Juche-oriented principles and ways as it scientifically clarified principled issues arising in establishing a revolutionary habit of working throughout the society, making an effective use of manpower resources, properly enforcing a socialist system for paying for the work done and fully providing the working people with working conditions.

Recalling that Kim Jong Il made sure that the above-said system was properly enforced and the working people were provided with good conditions for a material life and cultural rest, the reporter noted that his wise leadership and warm care made it possible to give full play to the advantages of the socialist labor system and improve the cultural and emotional life of the Korean people.

Say what?

Anyway, the party's over so it's back to searching for food.


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