Wednesday, November 25, 2009

When dromedaries attack

Life in Australia's outback is not for the weak, so what has so spooked the hardy residents of Docker River southwest of Alice Springs that they're frightened to leave their homes? Raging bushfires? Record high temperatures? Swine flu?

Nope, 6,000 feral camels searching for water:

[MacDonnell Shire Council chief executive officer, Graham] Taylor said residents were not overly concerned when about 30 camels came into the town looking for water a few weeks ago, but that fear had grown as numbers increased steadily day by day.

The unfortunate beasts will be mustered by helicopter, driven into the desert, shot and their bodies left to rot where they drop, all that meat wasted.


Anonymous Dan Lewis said...

Recipe for Stuffed Camel

1 whole camel, medium size
1 whole lamb, large size
20 whole chickens, medium size
60 eggs
12 kilos rice
2 kilos pine nuts
2 kilos almonds
1 kilo pistachio nuts
110 gallons water
5 pounds black pepper
Salt to taste

Skin, trim and clean camel (once you get over the hump), lamb and chicken. Boil until tender.

Cook rice until fluffy. Fry nuts until brown and mix with rice.

Hard boil eggs and peel.

Stuff cooked chickens with hard boiled eggs and rice.

Stuff the cooked lamb with stuffed chickens.

Add more rice.

Stuff the camel with the stuffed lamb and add rest of rice.

Broil over large charcoal pit until brown.

Spread any remaining rice on large tray and place camel on top of rice. Decorate with boiled eggs and nuts.

Serves friendly crowd of 80-100.

6:22 AM  
Anonymous Duncan said...

It is a waste of meat, and obviously not much fun for the camels, but what is the alternative?

We cannot allow feral pests to destroy our delicate desert ecosystems.

6:46 AM  

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