Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Randy Rann

Just to bring you up to speed on the South Australian sex scandal, Premier Mike Rann's former friend Michelle Chantelois says:

  • They had sex in his office, on his desk and on the floor.

  • They had "intimacy" in her car at a secluded golf course location.

  • They had sex on a yellow couch at his house.

  • He wanted to buy her sexy bras and panties.

  • He coached her on how to lie about their affair to her husband and at one point enlisted the presumably unwitting support of his then girlfriend Sasha to that purpose.

  • He sent a text message saying he wanted to pleasure her.

  • He asked her re-enact a steamy sex scene from the movie Unfaithful that had turned him on.

  • He asked her to avoid sex with her husband for three days before their trysts.

  • He insisted they not fall in love or put anything in writing.

  • He asked her to book hotel rooms for them.

Nothing yet on the size and possible distinctive features of Rann's studly organ or on his pleasuring techniques.

If these allegation, strenuously denied by Mr Rann, are true, who's the villain here, the married woman who cheats on her husband or the single 50-year-old man who takes what's being offered by an attractive woman much younger than himself?

Regardless, South Australians should be pleased their Premier remains so vigorous at his age.


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