Monday, November 23, 2009

Riot cause discovered

Refugee advocate Ian Rintoul knows what caused Christmas Island detainees to go one another:

The Rudd Government has seen fit to continue those Howard government policies and it is now reaping the whirlwind.

All the consequences, all the difficulties that were faced by the Howard government, will be visited on the Rudd Government because they have perpetuated the appalling conditions in mandatory detention.

The horrid Howard government apparently allowed detainees internet access, according to Rintoul now terminated by the Rudd government, and also allowed unlimited use of kitchen facilities for tea and coffee making, which is now claimed to be restricted as a cost saving measure. But as pool cues were reportedly used as weapons during the riot it seems at least one recreational activity remains. By the way, Rintoul has communicated with detainees since the riot so it's not like they're being held incommunicado.

The Prime Minister today told parliament the whirlwinders could suffer a heavy penalty:

Mr Speaker, if a detainee on Christmas Island has committed a serious offence this will be taken into consideration as part of the assessment as to whether or not they are granted a visa.

Gee, you wouldn't be too happy if you got sent home to Sri Lanka or Afghanistan , or wherever, because you were angered by missing out on an afternoon cup of tea, now would you?

Update: A more likely cause for the riot:

The removal of six Sri Lankan men against there will, deported back to Colombo about two weeks ago, had caused some anxiety among detainees.

Yep, forced repatriation would cause some tension.


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