Friday, November 20, 2009

Mango madness

Weather induced insanity is real:

Surgeons at Royal Darwin Hospital who analysed fracture rates found that so-called "mango madness" - a period of extreme weather tension that triggers violence as the wet season hits - is not just a myth.

Thus this weirdness in Broome:

Police arrived at the Cable Beach home late on Wednesday night to find four people with stab and head wounds.

Officers returned to the house the next morning to conduct interviews.

Senior Sergeant Rob Neesham says police were stunned to witness a fifth stabbing.

"A different person was stabbed as the police arrived. So it was fortunate timing for the emergency services," he said.

There is another contributing factor, however:

Police say the victims' intoxicated state is delaying their investigation.

Sort of knew alcohol would be involved, didn't you?


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