Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Crikey, nothing's changed

Since Crikey's Pure Poison is the source of much of the nastiness that prompted Andrew Bolt's outburst of displeasure, PP boy Tobias Ziegler has today responded by saying that all of the comments Bolt complains about are old and Pure Poison now holds commenters to the highest standards possible, no longer allowing commenters to play the man rather than the ball.

As if, here are two comments from just yesterday:

What a tosser!


Once I had a blog
and it was a gas
Soon turned out
had a chin of glass

Ziegler nonetheless writes:

Our posts, and many of our comments, use evidence and argument to criticise Andrew Bolt’s writings. But instead of addressing or responding to any of that content, he chooses to focus on the tone of some comments.

Actually, it's the all too common juvenile lefty content Bolt objects to, not the rare evidence and argument.


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