Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Trust the climate science, it's uncertain but correct

Tim Flannery, Australia's highest profile global warming doom-monger, defends climate science:

The thing is we deal with an incomplete understanding of the way the Earth's system works, we know enough to say as the IPCC said that greenhouse gases cause warming.

They are
90 per cent-plus sure that it's caused by humans, we can go that far.

But there is a problem with the science:

In the last few years, where there hasn't been a continuation of that warming trend, we don't understand all of the factors that creates Earth's climate, so there are some things we don't understand, that's what the scientists were emailing about.

These people (scientists) work with models, computer modelling. When the computer modelling and the real world data disagrees you have a problem. That's when science gets engaged.

So even though the scientists have no idea why temperatures have declined over recent years they know how to solve a problem that seems to have self-corrected. Comfortable investing trillions of dollars in their suggested solution, are you?


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