Saturday, November 14, 2009

Beef knicked

Thinking big, an obviously hungry Darwin lass tried to shoplift almost $500 worth of meat, some of it well hidden:

When she was stopped and arrested outside the supermarket she had a tray with four steaks hidden in her underwear.

That's the perfect set-up for a joke, or two, but I like blogging at AC so I'll leave the joke-making to you.

In other crime news, another of Perth's truly dumb criminals has been temporarily removed from circulation:

A bumbling alleged armed bandit has been arrested after becoming wedged between electronic sliding doors at the service station he was attempting to rob.

The 27-year-old Kardinya man was still stuck firmly between the doors  of the Gull service station on Great Eastern Highway when police arrived to arrest him.

Some of the victims of crime are none too smart, either:

A radiographer created an internet ID using photos of a female porn star to trick a nurse into sending him raunchy photos of herself, a court has heard.

Who would fall for the you-don't-know-me-but-you-should-send-me-some-nude-photos scam?



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