Friday, November 06, 2009

Breaking news: Armed men attack Fort Hood army base

Seven are confirmed dead, 12 wounded. The story is still developing. MSNBC live local coverage here. (Live news feed terminated.)

Update: Three shooters, possibly in army uniform, one still at large. 20 wounded.

Update II: Confusion as the story develops. Two shooters now reported still at large.

Update III: Two shooters, not three, both reported to be in custody.

Update IV: A number of SWAT police reported injured.

Update V: Reports of continued shooting. Fox News reports up to 30 wounded.

Update VI: Fox News quotes FBI sources saying shooting is not a terrorist attack.

Update VII: A briefing from a military official is expected soon.

Update VIII: More unconfirmed reports of shooting in military residential areas.

Update IX: Additional police SWAT teams reported entering Ft Hood.

Update X: AP apparently reporting nine dead.

Update XI: One confirmed shooter, a soldier, killed at the scene by civilian police. Two soldier suspects in custody. Twelve dead (including the shooter) at the Soldier Readiness Facility (processes soldiers about to be deployed overseas). Situation seems to be resolved but all clear not yet sounded.

Update XII: President Obama's statement was rather odd in that the shooting at Ft Hood was not addressed first in his remarks - he first spoke about the importance of the conference he was attending. Further, he was smiling and jovial at the start only becoming somber when speaking about the shooting incident. A very poor performance.


Anonymous Chistery said...

Update XII: I'm sure Michael Moore will be pouncing on Barack Obama's My Pet Goat moment any time now....any time... patience...oh.

7:36 AM  

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