Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Limp-wristed left-winger throws shoe at former PM

Former Australian Prime Minister John Howard was heckled by a student during a speech at Cambridge University. The heckler, apparently Australian, called Howard a "racist" and then took off and hurled a shoe at the former PM's head. The shoe was caught in flight by a cricketer on the panel, a spectator observing:

"His throw was pathetic and was easily stopped and he even had the cheek to come back in afterwards and ask for his shoe back."

Howard's lucky it was a lefty throw: a shoe thrown by a conservative who can actually, you know, throw like a man, would not be so easily intercepted.

Update: More details from the event's organiser via ABC News:

"He described the man as a 'long-haired Australian' who shouted at Mr Howard, telling him to go home and accusing him of being a racist.

"'John Howard said I am not racist and I'm going home on Tuesday,' Mr Laurence said.

"'There was a pause, and then he got up and tried to throw a shoe but it was the weakest throw in the world.'

"'I mean it shows why you lot lost the Ashes, if you don't mind me saying.'"

Great dig. It also shows why so few hippies play professional cricket.


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