Monday, November 02, 2009

Crikey, that's hypocritical

For those of you unfamiliar with famous Australian website Crikey*, here is its mission:

"Crikey’s aim is very simple: to bring its readers the inside word on what’s really going on in politics, government, media, business, the arts, sport and other aspects of public life in Australia. Crikey reveals how the powerful operate behind the scenes, and it tackles the stories insiders are talking about but other media can’t or won’t cover."

It's a left-leaning site preoccupied with Rupert Murdoch's various News Limited outlets, with an almost obsessive interest in the writings of blogging columnists Andrew Bolt and Tim Blair – the Pure Poison blog in its original incarnation specifically mentioning Bolt and Blair as targets. (As of this writing the four most recent PP posts are about Bolt and Blair.)

Another Crikey blog, The Stump, is having a big sad about insensitive reader comments at the Daily Telegraph, where Blair is an editor - the quoted comments are less than sympathetic to the plight of those on board the vessel that has just sunk off the Western Australia coast. In my opinion these comments say much more about the attitudes of ordinary Australians than about the editorial policy stance of the Telegraph. Anyway, I don't think the Telegraph should censor these comments just because some people might be offended.

Now let's take a look at the two Stump posts immediately prior to the one above, their titles:

Glenn Milne: grub

This is why the Opposition is f***ed

Pretty nasty stuff coming from an outfit aspiring to mainstream credibility.

It is the height of hypocrisy for The Stump to put up such posts and then criticise Australians for expressing their opinions. By the way, the "grub" post refers to an incident that caused Milne considerable personal embarrassment but is no way related to the substance of the post -- it's a cheap personal attack on the man himself. The left continues to play the blogging game by its own rules.

*Crikey is an exclamation of surprise or amazement, like Golly!

Update: RWDBs (right-wingers) are often accused of lacking a sense of humor. In reality it's the left that's humorless. Here, for example, PP boy Jeremy Sear treats as serious a Tim Blair column likening global warming believers to the followers of Charles Manson. (Jeremy, a co-founder of The Blair/Bolt Watch Project, really should diversify his interests.)


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