Thursday, December 03, 2009

Climate change: Celebrities to the rescue

Publicity hungry entertainers swing into action:

Ever since Al Gore's 2006 Oscar-winning movie An Inconvenient Truth put climate warming at the centre of pop-culture, celebs have scrambled aboard the green campaign by the score.

From the Band Aid concerts to raise funds against famine in Ethiopia, to George Clooney's single-handed crusade against the war in Darfur, and Bono and Bob Geldof's drive against poverty, celebrity advocacy can work.

Having eliminated hunger in Ethiopia, ended the Darfur war and pulled the planet's downtrodden out of poverty entertainers now concentrate their problem solving skills on saving the planet. And just look at what they're doing for our benefit: Natalie Portman and Ginnifer Goodwin shun junk food in favor of dairy-free snacks; Boy George provides a recipe for yummy meat-free "chick pea corruption"; Larry Hagman installs America's largest residential solar power system; popular show 24 Hours reduces its carbon footprint by 43 percent; Peter Fonda promotes a solar-powered car; Kate Bosworth attends green parties; Sea Shepherd installs a 9,000 watt sound system for blasting Japanese whalers with a "sort of ethereal Maori chant";  and Cate Blanchett "muses on the Copenhagen climate summit."

Thanks to Al Gore for mobilizing this army of self-sacrificers to show us the way. We can all sleep soundly tonight.


Anonymous Chistery said...

Oh, not just Al, what about all those Barack inspired pledgers?

I needed a refresher but it basically goes like this. When Obama won the US election, a bunch of hopey-changey celebrities came to the conclusion that he had a pretty lonely job and need their help. So to help clear out some of the items on the Prez's 'to do' list, they pledged to help him out by… not flushing the toilet, smiling more, not giving other car drivers the finger, selling intelligence (huh?), becoming a servant to the United Funk of Funkadelica (double huh?), turning off lights etc…oh… and ending slavery! Plate cleared, Barack should now be able to get on with some other important stuff.

Call me cynical, but I’m willing to bet the Hollywood space cadets haven’t so much as lived up to their smiley promise.

7:34 AM  

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