Saturday, December 05, 2009

Climate change: Heat addled polar bears turning to cannibalism

Horrific events in Manitoba:

Some grim evidence of the effects of climate change are emerging in Canada's far north.

Scientists say there have been at least eight cases of polar bears eating cubs this year.

They say the cubs are being killed for food.

Further deatils from CBC News:

Some tourists on a tundra buggy tour of the Churchill wildlife management area on Nov. 20 were shaken and started crying after witnessing a male bear eating a cub, said John Gunter, general manager for Frontiers North Adventures, an area tour operator.

An indigenous Canadian speaks out:

However, an Inuit leader in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut said the incidents are non-events and that it's wrong to connect the bear's behaviour with starvation.

"It makes the south — southern people — look so ignorant," said Kivalliq Inuit Association president Jose Kusugak.

"A male polar bear eating a cub becomes a big story and they try to marry it with climate change and so on, it becomes absurd when it's a normal normal occurrence," Kusugak said.

Oops. More from conservation group Polar Bears International:

Male polar bears, like males of other ursids, will kill and eat dependent cubs (Hansson and Thomassen 1983; Larsen 1985; Taylor et al. 1985; Derocher and Wiig 1999).

Mother nature can be quite a bitch without any prompting from humans.


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