Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Going on a holiday to Bali? Leave the drugs at home

A former poltical candidate and would be union offical has been busted for trying to import drugs into Bali from Australia.

Indonesian authorities allegedly caught Robert Paul McJannett, 48, with two grams of marijuana in socks in his luggage at Denpasar Airport.

Officials say McJannett, a crane operator, was initially uncooperative following his arrest, attempting to flush the marijuana down a toilet.

He had been detained after arriving in Bali with his 21-year-old son on a Virgin Blue flight from Perth on Monday night.

Given the publicity surrounding past drug arrests and harsh prison sentences it's a mystery why anyone would seek to import drugs into Bali. Just stupid, I guess.


Anonymous Tina said...

Hello people! Not even the dumbest Australian would take dope to Indonesia. A well travelled, smart, educated, 47 year old man would not take a handful of pot wrapped in socks and tin to Bali. The package would've looked like a bomb on the x-ray machine at Ngurah Rai Airport and its odd that this metal package was not detected at Perth airport before he departed to Bali. Sorry folks this dude has been set up. Unless he says the dope is his, fakes remorsefulness and pays bribes... Robert McJannett meet Schapelle Corby. He's going to be in Kerobokan Jail for a very long time.

7:31 AM  
Anonymous anonymous said...

A well travelled, smart, educated, 47 year old man...

??? He's a crane operator & unionist in Perth. His kid's a rigger.

(That said, a ballsy crane operator, and I admire him for having the guts to stand up to the local thugocracy)

But if Tina is going to allege an Indonesian conspiracy, why wouldn't they have planted more than 1.7 grams?

The whole thing sounds odd, I agree, but there are much more logical conclusions to come to before one comes to the grand "Evil Indonesian Conspiracy!" conclusion...

4:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

personly knowing this man and wriiten in other comments i said he was a smoker the day he got caught its his allright and the only family he has is the boy he calls a son which isnt even his son his son is in melbourne oh well its time to get on whit our lives and finally forget about this man boy oh boy are we happy ..but he still sum how text msgs us not for long we changing our number again for the 5 time thank you bali police thank you

11:56 AM  

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