Friday, December 25, 2009

Leftover Christmas food? Give it to your dog

With their keen noses dog can sniff a prospective meal and instantly decide if it's safe to eat. And with their digestive systems set up to handle carrion and other foods that would kill a human, dogs can eat just about anything, no matter how it looks or smells. Dogs aren't as good at disposing of waste food as pigs are but it's a pretty close run race.

Dogs avoid leafy vegetables like cabbage and lettuce but other than that they'll eat just about anything that has a bit of meat added to it. You shouldn't give your dog lots of sweets, onions or chocolate but other than that any Christmas leftovers that are a bit iffy can go to Fido; if he eats it, it's probably not a worry.  So rather than dump any expensive leftover Christmas food in the bin see if your dog will eat it. He'll love you for it and you'll save money on dog food.


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