Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Christmas is a special time when even those of us who aren't religious feel warm, compassionate and giving and people we've never met, and likely won't meet again, wish us a Merry Christmas. These sentiments are great, of course, but we often forget that many within the community will have anything but a Merry Christmas. Millions of people around the world, especially children, will have nothing to celebrate. There will be no presents or celebratory feast. December 25th will be just another day of trying to survive hunger, poverty, abusive parents, whatever.

I therefore suggest that we think long and hard about the little things we can do to help others. It won't cost us much and we have plenty to spare anyway.

To all of the staff, contributors to and readers of Asian Correspondent I wish a Merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year. And all the best to those who don't celebrate Christmas -- I'm drinking a beer for you as I type.

Anyway, I'm not trying to end the year on a downer; just trying to point out that ultimately it's much more satisfying to give than it is to receive.


Anonymous Adriane said...

Merry End of the Euro-centric Calendar Year Holiday of your personal choice regardless of race, hair color, creed, nationality, sex, sexual persuasion, political affiliation, profession, business associations, or even belief/non-belief in AGW.

And Happy New Euro-centric Calendar Year as well.

6:16 PM  
Anonymous Daniel Lewis said...

There is a homeless and presumably mentally ill man who often wanders around our neighbourhood, talking to inanimate objects.

He stopped near our place yesterday. I put together a food parcel for him, some drinks, toilet paper etc. He was very grateful. I asked him if he'd like any clothes or a blanket. He said he'd love some new pants (but was okay for blankets).

I went and got some old (but in good condition) pants, shirts, underwear and a pair of boots in great shape. He said thanks and I wished him a Merry Xmas.

When I came home, on my doorstep I found the boots and one pair of jeans had been returned. Ungrateful sod :-)

6:22 AM  

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