Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lights out in Venezuela

Venezuela sits on huge petroleum reserves with its economy dependent on oil exports, mostly to the United States. Despite these vast energy resources the Chavez government has recently decreed compulsory energy conservation measures:

Venezuela has imposed sweeping power cuts on industry and businesses in order to save its limited energy resources and avoid mass blackouts.

The government said the cuts were because of falling water levels at the Guri Hydroelectric dam, which supplies much of the country's power.

Limited energy resources? Gee, maybe putting all their domestic energy production eggs in the environmentally-friendly-power-source-basket was a mistake. It certainly looks that way when there's a power shortage at home while huge amounts of energy are being exported. Oh well, this is what happens when enlightened leftists are given a mandate to run things. We have so much to look forward to when the United Nations central-planners are running the planet.


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