Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"Scientist" vs scientist: Fire the liar

There's a good chance any academic who says anything computer programmer Tim Lambert doesn't like will be accused of academic misconduct. It's his thing -- think of it as a hobby. Anyway, Lambert's at it again, this time accusing Ian Plimer of "research misconduct" in relation to a debate with George Monbiot. Lambert could, of course, simply say Plimer is wrong but instead goes for the throat hoping to see him sanctioned or perhaps fired. Very serious stuff indeed.

The thing is, Lambert himself is notorious for telling whoppers. In Lambert's case it's not a matter of ignorance, it's intentional -- when in doubt he just makes stuff up. Quite naturally, his ability to make a point through manipulation of the truth has made him something of a lefty darling. And is typical of lefty science types -- think climategate -- he tolerates no dissent: express a dissenting opinion at his blog and it's almost certain your comment will be disemvowelled or deleted. Persistent boat-rockers are quickly banned.

Anyway, this is all rather odd (or perhaps not, we are dealing with a lefty here) because if Lambert were held to the same standards he expects others to follow, the University of New South Wales would have long since told him to hit the road and he'd be doing "computer science" from his garage.

A few examples of Lambert's manipulation of the truth.


Anonymous Dr. "Money bags" Pachauri said...

You missed the most recent example of this lying over at Crikey?

Try this

Lambert, at his own site lecturing on ethical behavior.

MrPete, I do understand the difference between theft and whistleblowing, and the fact that you and the rest of the denialists support criminal conduct is quite telling.
What is unfortunate is that young scientists may well be looking at this and wondering if climate science is the right filed if they are going to be harassed and smeared by denialists and have personal communications stolen. But that does matter to you because climate scientists are the enemy to you and McIntyre.

Yet Lambert also at his own site, July 28, 2006:

"A leaked memo from the Intermountain Rural Electric Association (IREA) gives us inside view of how some of the Global Warming disinformation campaign is financed. There’s this…
There follows his breathlessly excited blockquotes and commentary.

June 23, 2004:

Lambert approvingly cites leaked memos providing “some insight into Microsoft’s plans to combat Open Source.”

It appears that Lambert (UNSW) is an outright fraud. That's all he appears to be ... a mean spirited, disgusting fraud.

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