Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Copenhagen: It's about the money

Copenhagen is about to be invaded from the south:

Brussels will be all-but empty during the last full working week of the year, as leaders head for the climate summit in Copenhagen and MEPs go to Strasbourg.

EU commission president Jose Manuel Barroso and EU parliament chief Jerzy Buzek will take a gaggle of commissioners and MEPs to the Danish capital for the climax of the talks on Thursday (17 December) and Friday.

The whole of Belgium breathes a big sigh of relief.

For this gaggle of enlightened European bureaucrats climate change isn't the only item on the agenda:

With world leaders, including US president Barack Obama and Germany's Angela Merkel, also to attend, expectations are high that the event will lead to a landmark agreement on global warming and re-distribution of wealth to the third world.

And how much of that wealth, taken off Europe's well-meaning, tax-paying schmucks, is going to end up in the secret personal bank accounts of the third world's corrupt leaders? Lots.

This whole climate change thing is almost certain -- of what the Hell, it's certain -- to be the biggest boondoggle of all time. The supreme sense of smug self-satisfaction acquired by those doling out the money won't come cheap.


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