Sunday, December 13, 2009

Men in black invisible

AAP turns to a left-wing activist for news reporting:

A police crackdown on climate protesters in Copenhagen in which hundreds were arrested was pre-planned and apparently without justification, according to an Australian eyewitness.

Simon Sheikh, national director of the progressive Australian lobby group Get Up, watched the crackdown from his apartment - and has exclusive video footage of it.

With Sheikh's footage unavailable the story has to waffle on for hundreds of words to make its point, before concluding with this:

Leah said it was not fair to make the protesters sit on the pavement for hours because it was very cold. The temperature was forecast to hit minus four degrees Celsius on Saturday night.

It appears police were concerned about some protesters who were dressed in black and were believed to favour more direct action such as breaking windows. But when AAP went behind the police cordon at Christianshavn, the protesters detained and sitting on the pavement were not dressed in black, and there did not appear to be any broken windows.

The temperature got to nowhere near - 4 º C and some of the arrested protesters were dressed in black.





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