Saturday, December 12, 2009

"Massive turnout" mostly ignored

A gushing report from the ABC:

Up to 90,000 environmental campaigners turned out for the Walk Against Warming rallies in the nation's capital cities and regional centres today.

The Walk Against Warming was one of a number of events held across Australia and the world today, as part of a global day of action on climate change.

The biggest crowd by far was in Melbourne, where according to the Nature Conservation Council, 40,000 people took part in the march.

The turnout was more than huge, it was colourful:

The crowd was a see [sic] of colour, with protesters carrying placards banners and even wearing costumes.

Placards, banners and costumes at a lefty protest march, how unusual. It is disappointing that there is no word on big giant bobble heads or anyone's effigy being strung up and burned -- Bush's departure has left an unfillable void.

Anyway, someone needs to let Melbourne's number one lefty newspaper know about this massive march -- not so much as a mention from The Age so far. Could it be that the Nature Conservation Council perhaps overstated the turnout? Nah, I'm sure their crowd count is, like everything else we're told about climate change and the environment, totally accurate.


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