Saturday, December 12, 2009

Blackwater involved in secret Pakistan operations

The rumours are true, Xe Services (formerly Blackwater) employees have been involed in CIA drone operations targeting Taliban and al Qaeda personnel in Pakistan. Yep, until their employment was terminated earlier in the year the Blackwater boys loaded ordnance onto Predator and Reaper drones. At least this is what CIA says, so no telling what's really been going on.

Knowing that highly trained civilian CIA operatives are now loading the missiles and bombs rather than Blackwater civilians is a huge relief because, you know, at least the CIA guys work for the government, which means they are totally trustworthy as opposed to the Blackwater guys who'll do anything for a buck.

Actually, the way I understand it, there is a US government operation in Pakistan so secret no one knows for certain exactly what's going on. It's apparently very futuristic stuff involving armed robots, autonomous aerial vehicles armed with DIME bombs, particle beams and the like controlled by computer with humans entirely excluded from "the loop". Since this operation is fully automated it was only fitting that the computer in charge was allowed to pick a name -- operation Skynet. A killer computer with a sense of humour, fantastic. Hasta la vista terrorista.


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