Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sex offender receiving treatment for erectile dysfunction

Is an incarcerated 61-year-old sex offender's dysfunctional penis a health problem requiring state-funded treatment? The New South Wales government says "yes" but many within the community say "no".

The inmate in question has received a medically supervised "erection test". If he failed he will presumably be prescribed Viagra, Levitra or Cialis, the drugs that are the standard treatment for erectile dysfunction.

It's only fair that prison inmates receive the same levels of health care support and medical treatment as everyone else. But a droopy donger isn't really a health problem, it's more a lifestyle issue, as the Victims of Crime Assistance League's Howard Brown observes:

I don't object to us paying for life-threatening surgery if required but I'll be stuffed if we should be paying because his waterworks are having problems; particularly when you take into consideration the crime for which he is inside.

This is not life-threatening. This bloke should have been a candidate for chemical castration while he was in (theatre).

Those opposing treatment fail to realise that ongoing erection problems could further lower the inmates already obviously low self-esteem, likely causing him to become anti-social. Treatment will help him get a grip on his problem, so to speak. So here comes the Viagra, have fun boys.



Anonymous Dan Lewis said...

I salute you for not making a single joke about the prison showers.

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