Friday, December 11, 2009

The ABC biased? You betcha

Australian conservatives occasionally accuse the publicly funded national broadcaster, the ABC, of left-wing bias. "The ABC biased? You paranoid fascists are imagining things," says the left. Okay leftards, let's take a look.

Annabel Crabb, formerly at the Sydney Morning Herald, is "ABC Online's chief political writer." She is touted as "one of the most versatile and respected observers of politics in Australia." A prolific writer, Crabb has authored 15 articles since her introductory piece -- The mad splendour of King Malcolm -- on 30 November. Every one of the 15 subsequent articles, even those ostensibly about other subjects, features Tony Abbott.

Yoghurt vision that inspired a leader -- a very odd piece about Abbott's "odd" shadow cabinet.

Barnaby's sacrifice for the greater good -- about Abbott's motives for choosing National Barnaby Joyce for the finance portfolio.

Everything up for grabs, says Joyce -- about Abbott's possible miscalculation in choosing Joyce for the shadow cabinet.

Fright night! Abbott's pulse-racing reshuffle -- self-explanatory.

Abbott reshuffle to reward hardliners -- self-explanatory.

Turnbull ups the white-ante -- about Turnbull's efforts to undermine new leader Abbott.

It's Jock v Nerd at Canberra High -- with Abbott as the none-too-bright jock.

Abbott sweet talks Lama and the Left -- Abbott has no people skills and is "unelectable".

Abbott bounces from the sublime to Bob Ellis -- is Abbott a "buffoon" or the Liberals' "last, best hope of power?"

Bishop, Turnbull fall out over spill -- ostensibly about Bishop and Turnbull but Abbott gets seven mentions.

Unbowed, Turnbull saved best for last -- mostly about Turnbull, with four Abbott mentions.

Abbott gives Kerry new flesh to fang -- Abbott is devoured by ABC interviewer Kerry O'Brien.

Liberals look to conservative heartland -- (radio interview) about Abbott's lack of "people skills".

All aboard the 'People Skills' wild ride -- Abbott has no "people skills".

Divided Liberals limp to day of reckoning -- the Liberals in disarray; four Abbott mentions.

Hockey and Turnbull set for spill showdown -- self-explanatory; only one Abbott mention.

So the ABC's number one political writer, its top political analyst, continually ridicules the Liberals but can find nothing about the left deserving so much as a mention. No bias here, folks, none whatsoever.


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