Sunday, December 13, 2009

Police suddenly discover street violence problem

During a pre-Christmas crackdown on street hoons police stumble onto what's been going on for quite a while:

"It's just staggering," said Assistant Commissioner Frank Mennilli.

"Last night we had reports of six men bashing another man in the centre of the city, another man naked at The Rocks allegedly attempting to strangle his partner, a bus inspector targeted with a laser pointer and a serious glassing in a pub at Ultimo," he said.

"Bottles were thrown randomly at vehicles, male and female youths were involved in a large street brawl at Woolloomooloo while two teenage girls were arrested over an assault and robbery in Hyde Park."

More than 1400 extra police were deployed across the state during the two-day blitz on alcohol-related violence and other crime.

In total, 640 people have so far been arrested, 1025 charges laid and 374 drink-drivers caught in 48,162 breath-tests, police said.

Had police been enforcing the law the situation wouldn't have gotten out of control to the point that this drastic action was required.

And isn't this just charming:

Cronulla international forward Paul Gallen has allegedly brought the club into disrepute again after police caught him urinating near the head of a man in Sydney CBD on Friday night.

Is Gallen be the same person reported by the Daily Telegraph as arrested for "urinating on a person's head as he lay down"? A wee bit of strife, indeed.


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