Sunday, December 13, 2009

Protester cornered

Anna Rose, a resident Crikey lefty, reports over-zealous policing:

I’m trapped inside a police “pen” in a Copenhagen street with about 500 protestors who’ve been surrounded by police vans and dogs to stop anyone getting in or out. .... Police vans moved into position ready to strike at a peaceful crowd, scattering families with young kids.

Alright, now comes the water cannon, teargas, swinging batons, foot-mangling horses, rubber bullets, snarling dogs, the inevitable police charge, marchers tackled face first into the cobblestones, you know, the typical European protesters versus riot police scenario. Well, not quite, this isn't France:

As the police moved in, I went upstairs to my friends’ apartment...

Trapped my arse. It was only after her cunning escape that "the police ran in, split the peaceful protest up, blocked off the street with police vans and dogs, and detained hundreds of protestors."

Okay there were some dogs but where's the anticipated police brutality? Jeez, you'd think the Danes, living right next to Germany and all, would know how to run a police state properly. I mean, police had the lefties trapped and all they did was arrest them, with some released almost immediately. What a bunch of wimps.

Anyway, it's possible Ms Rose's account isn't entirely accurate due to "too much stress and too little sleep in the past 10 days I’ve been here". Stress and sleeplessness, the protester's perennial nemeses.


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