Sunday, January 03, 2010

Drink too much and it's straight to jail

In an amazing feat of reasoning West Australian authorities have discovered the alcohol – crime connection:

LATE-NIGHT breath tests in criminals' homes are the latest initiative to fight crime in WA.

As part of bail conditions for recidivist offenders awaiting trial, the tests are also being conducted on those released into the community on good-behaviour bonds.

If they blow above a 0.07 blood- alcohol level they are taken into custody.

Police say criminals are more likely to re-offend if they're on the grog. Trials in the Great Southern region had resulted in reduced burglaries and domestic violence.

The "surprise" breath tests - between 11pm and 1am - will greatly inconvenience criminals who will be forced to drink earlier in the day. Actually, beer on corn flakes ain't half bad.

Then again there is SCRAM.


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