Saturday, January 16, 2010

George Galloway: Gaza grub gone

George Galloway, British parliamentarian and VIP, quite naturally stays at only the best hotels, as he did when he visited Gaza earlier this month. Poor old George was somewhat dismayed to discover that due to Israel's blockade the hotel's kitchen's cupboards were completely bare, without so much as a scrap of sustenance for starving guests. No breakfast; no lunch; no food.

Perhaps George should have taken to the streets where there are multiple food vendors to choose from - falafel and gelato, yum! But it's unlikely he'd venture into the street; the adoring throng wanting to constantly hug and kiss him are just sooo embarrassing for a limelight-avoider like George. Instead he's been hanging around Gaza's rubbish dumps watching women and children scavenge for food.

George also reckons Egyptian police launched an unprovoked attack on civilians protesting at the closed border to Gaza. George, interviewed by phone, wouldn't have noticed that at the same moment he's describing this unprovoked attack the background video shows the peaceful civilians launching rocks and good-sized chunks of concrete at police across the border. The police eventually retaliate.

The moral of this story? Don't believe anything Galloway says about anything, ever.



Anonymous Dan Lewis said...

I love his complaint that there's no food in "the best Hotel in Gaza". My guess is there's not many staff either.

I wonder how many people are queuing up to make reservations there. Doesn't sound like a great holiday destination and I can't see the management stocking up just in case a planeload of cashed up London MPs arrive...

2:46 PM  

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