Sunday, February 21, 2010

Japanese whalers beyond Australian law

On a recent refueling stop in Fremantle, Western Australia, Paul Bethune, skipper of the now sunk Ady Gil, was photographed in pensive pose next to a painted-on-the-hull-list of fighter plane style victories naming "rammed" Japanese vessels This list clearly lays claim to, even boasts of, violent intent. Yet Sea Shepherd now ironically claims Bethune intended no malice in stealthily boarding a Japanese ship on the high seas:

He went on there with no intent to cause any damage or harm ...

No matter his intent, Japanese whalers are still detaining Bethune and seem determined to transport him back to Japan for prosecution.

More irony from Sea Shepherd supporters, who demand that Kevin Rudd stop the whalers:

For the past two years, by its lack of action the Rudd government has effectively given Japan the green light to ram and sink ships and kill endangered species.

Kevin Rudd has made another promise, another deadline, yet on September 18 of 2007 there was a previous promise made and the statement clearly said: `I wish to make a powerful and clear message to the Australian public that Labor believes in enforcing Australian law, this is the right and obvious thing to do."

Unfortunately, Japan's whaling fleet operates in areas not subject to Australian law. Rudd would keep his promise if he could.



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