Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Study in Australia: Curtin among the best

As previously noted, Perth is not only a fanastic place to live, it offers fabulous tertiary study opportunities. Edith Cowan University, the University of Western Australia and Notre Dame are all highly regarded but not having attended them I can't make meaningful comment on what they're like. But I have studied at Murdoch University and Curtin University of Technology and was very pleased with both.

Murdoch gets a plug as one of Australia's ten best international universities, but Curtin doesn't get a mention; as a public service I'm correcting this oversight.

With roughly 12,000 international undergraduate students and 3,000 international postgraduates out of a total population of close to 40,000, Curtin is obviously successful at attracting both domestic and foreign students. Part of Curtin's appeal is its convenient location and excellent transport links but the university also offers a huge range of courses and unparalleled security for students and staff.

Now whereas it was quite a few years ago that I attended Curtin, even back in the days before universities had to compete for students, Curtin staff  were always friendly and accommodating and, most importantly, teaching staff were always friendly, accessible and helpful, taking a genuine interest in their students. And any university that can tolerate a reactionary like me must be pretty accommodating. I therefore unhesitatingly recommend Curtin for anyone contemplating tertiary study. And don't be put off by Curtin's designation as a "university of technology"; it also  offers degree programs in non-technical fields such as education.

It is now easier than ever to attend Curtin, the university expanding into regional Western Australia and establishing campuses in Sydney, Sarawak and Singapore. Curtin has also been innovating, establishing industrial and tertiary links around the globe.

So if you're considering studying in Australia there are a number Western Australian universities to choose from with Curtin well worth further investigation. Study in Perth while enjoying a lifestyle most people can only dream of.


Anonymous Chuck said...

I'm six months into a Masters at Curtin, but yet to step foot onto campus, so i don't know what it is like.
But the online courses and support are great, especially for people from country regional centres like myself

10:51 AM  

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