Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Australia's opposition leader again ridiculed for being physically fit

Competitive Australian male athletes traditionally wear, when swimming, little wisps of gossamer material generically known as Speedos; colloquially referred to a budgie smugglers. Ever since opposition leader Tony Abbott, a very fit man, dared appear in public wearing the the same swimming costume worn but those against whom he competed, his totally appropriate attire has been ridiculed by the left; the ABC, Australia's government-funded broadcaster, leading the way.

It thus comes as no surprise that The Drum, the ABC's "analysis and views" appendage, today publishes a piece by far-left identity Tim Dunlop, the former proprietor of the now defunct far-left site The Road to Surfdom, linking Abbott's performance in his debate with the Prime Minister, to his altogether irrelevant choice of competitive swimming atire:

What Tony Abbott lacked in today's debate was substance. Kevin Rudd reached in (figuratively speaking!) and removed the socks from the front of Mr Abbott's Speedos.

This from a far-left commentator who shut down his political blog  because he found the rough and tumble of political debate too stressful, and now blogs about music. Surely those who are critical of Abbott's physical fitness, as demonstrated by his ability to wear Speedos, are extremely petty. Come on Dunlop, let's see what you look like in "budgie smugglers".



Anonymous J.M. Heinrichs said...

1. http://doctorheadly.wordpress.com/2007/04/27/fat-man-in-a-little-swimsuit/
2. http://www.paddlinginstructor.com/images/stories/blog/fat_man_beach.jpg


7:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"...who shut down his political blog because he found the rough and tumble of political debate too stressful, and now blogs about music."

Ha. Every time I read a new Tim Dunlop piece I think of this stupid post and get a good laugh. Nice work, Becky, you clown.

6:37 PM  

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