Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Australia's publicly funded broadcaster applies leftward spin to deportation story

It's not enough that the ABC's The Drum "analysis and views" appendage consistently puts a counterclockwise (leftward) spin on the news, the ABC News site also spins news stories to fit the dominant leftist agenda. Thus we are offered this story Australian family faces deportation after fight:

A Melbourne woman and her children are about to be deported from the United States because one of her sons was charged over a schoolyard fight.

The ABC article elaborates, emotively:

Ms Washington's 13-year-old son is alleged to have punched a class mate and stole 46 cents from him.

He is now been charged with extortion, robbery and assault.

Youths who are arrested in San Francisco are required to be sent to immigration for investigation if there is any suspicion they may be undocumented.

Angela Chan from the Asian Law Caucus is representing the family and says the measures are extreme.

"Her child made the mistake and he knows it is a mistake of taking 46 cents from another child and punching the other child, but he did not hurt the other child," she said.

"The other child did not need any medical attention and they both shook hands afterwards and he apologised to the other child.

"It was a schoolyard altercation that should not have happened but the consequences have been extremely large on the family.

"The child was taken into immigration and ... the mother and child were handed a deportation order and they have to leave very soon."

An insignificant child's jab and the theft of 46¢ will result in deportation? Nope, the deportation has nothing to do with the alleged assault and theft:

The deportation has been ordered because investigations revealed Mrs Washington and her children were illegally staying in the country, due to an oversight they were not aware of.

Mr Washington says they were given the wrong information.

"They have an 800 number that you can contact and we call the 800 number, not once but twice, and were given the same misinformation," he said.

Unfortunately for Mrs Washington's the old adage, "ignorance is no excuse", applies in these circumstances: it is well established that bad advice from government employees cannot be used as an excuse for a subsequent violation of the law.

It is not unreasonable to expect the ABC to more accurately report news than does the notoriously biased The Age.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Herald Sun did exactly the same thing, as did The Age.

It's sensationalist, not 'leftward spin"

9:58 AM  

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