Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Toyota doomed

Toyota has recalled millions of vehicles to fix mechanical faults related to sudden acceleration but insists there is no underlying computer problem causing runaways. An out of control Prius indicates that Toyota vehicles could indeed have an underlying computer problem:

A Toyota Prius accelerated out of control on a busy California freeway overnight before police intervened to bring the vehicle to a standstill, police said.

James Sikes, 61, was driving on the busy Interstate 8 freeway outside San Diego when he noticed his car was starting to accelerate of its own accord, the California Highway Patrol said.

The terrified motorist was helpless as the car hurtled out of control along the road at speeds more than 145km/h.

Mr Sikes was able to call police. Officers used a loudspeaker to talk him through the process of slowing down by using his emergency brake and then turning off the engine.

Police then pulled in front of the car as it decelerated and rolled to a stop - putting the rear bumper of the squad car against the front of the Prius.

Regardless what's causing these incidents Toyota will be sucked into legal action that will ultimately bankrupt the company. This is no flight of fancy: Dow Corning manufactured silicone breast implants that were alleged to wreck women's health but were ultimately shown to produce no systemic adverse health affects whatsoever. Nonetheless, Dow Corning ultimately found it it necessary to file for bankruptcy due to mounting legal costs. It will be the same for Toyota.


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