Monday, April 26, 2010

Western Australia sex scandal an unlikely affair

Politics does indeed make for strange bedfellows as illustrated by the unlikely extramarital affair of West Australian Liberal state Treasurer Troy Buswell and Greens MLA Adele Carles, revealed by Carles over the weekend. Buswell has yet to address the allegations but is scheduled to speak publicly later today.

If the allegations are true – and there's no reason to think Carles is lying – Buswell has progressed from pathetically childish shenanigans – bra-strap-snapping and chair-sniffing – to stealthy betrayal of his family. The man evidently has major impulse control issues.

It will likely be argued that Buswell's indiscretions are family matters of no concern to the public. Wrong. In a fair and just world the man's political career would be finished, as would Carles'.

Voters cannot simply shrug their shoulders accepting that, while titillating, Buswell's surrender to pleasures of the flesh is in no way indicative of his performance as an elected representative. Moral issued aside, the public must demand that those elected to serve will exercise both self-restraint and good judgment.

In going into politics Buswell chose to live in the political fish bowl, his life subject to intense ongoing scrutiny, interest in what he gets up to heightened by his bra-strap snapping and chair-sniffing antics. Yet he apparently still cannot control himself, instead violating the intimate contractual arrangement entered into with his wife. There is no reason to assume he is any more committed to honouring the less formal contract he has with the West Australian public, which has no way of knowing what else he has gotten up to behind the scenes.

In mitigation it will possibly be argued that Buswell's marriage is unhappy or that he was abused or unloved as a child. Maybe he has a drinking problem owing to a battle with depression. Perhaps he can't control himself because he suffers from ADHD. There is no adequite excuse for Buswell's behaviour, however, so he should accept responsibility and resign, as should Carles.


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