Sunday, May 09, 2010

Another Fairfax journalist gets rude on Twitter

Goaded by a fellow Twitterer:

had enough of attacking the gays for now i see.

Fairfax columnist Miranda Devine goes all snarky:

you've had enough of rogering gerbils I see.

This probably seemed clever and witty at the time but Devine, having thought about it, and only just written a column about Catethine Deveny's Twitter indiscretions, deleted the entry. A concerned Lefty worries that, unlike Deveny, who was told her services are no longer required, Devine will suffer no real consequences.

The unspoken concern here is that Deveny's editor made a decision to terminate her based on what he thought were the best interests of The Age. Lots of people have suffered job related consequences following online indiscretions. Which explains why primary school teacher and Crikey contributor Scott Bridges deleted his leisure-time, hey-look-at-me, I'm-really-funny blog post "Just plain wrong" concerning the contents of an old (1994) educational brochure:

Online comments and postings can have repercussions, of course, so the Left should simply acknowledge that The Age's decision to distance itself from Deveny was a long time coming and was perhaps overdue. Devine on the other hand produces insightful and well-argued columns and is unlikely to receive so much as a "please explain" email as a result of an uncharacteristic lapse of judgment. The bottom line: it's a matter of value to the commercial welfare of Fairfax.

Update: Different rules apply to conservatives:

Devine won’t get any real trouble for it because hate speech coming from conservative writers is popularly regarded as taking a stand against political correctness, while uncomfortable comments from a Deveny are an unacceptable moral danger.

Hate speech? Not even.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Devine's comment was obviously not suggesting that the commenter does have sex with gerbils. She was clearly pointing out that the commenter was using a variation on the 'have you stopped hitting your wife?' argument.

On the other hand Deveney has no reasonable explanation for her comments.

7:41 PM  
Anonymous Nic said...

Not a good comment from Devine. Twitter is a poisoned challice, I wonder why journo's with half a brain even bother. She is also silly because, from the outset of the Deveny saga, the first word to come from the lips of those defending Deveny were 'when are Bolt and Devine going to be sacked'. People were just waiting for her to trip. This is interesting as it shows that the left sees people with different views as being the same as someone who continually makes socially unacceptable comments. You have to wonder as to why they find diversity so threatening. Which is pretty ironic given the subject matter they are now championing.

8:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hate speech, from whom?

What of @JustinBarbour's posting a private DM (Direct Message) @MirandaDevine sent him, and then allowing all of the confected outrage to lead to threats of violence?

"So, @mirandadevine just sent me a DM. I'm going to make it public because her views don't deserve privacy. "

"I don't like this woman. Can I shoot her?"

Leftists are insane.

9:34 AM  
Anonymous J.M. Heinrichs said...

Will no one consider the feelings of gerbils?

10:30 AM  
Anonymous PETA-phile said...

"Rogering gerbils"?


I am outraged! Outraged beyond belief! Miranda Devine is nothing but a filthy anti-gerbilist and I demand her sacking NOW.


3:35 PM  
Anonymous Capn Jack said...

Hi Jeff,

Deveny was hired to be provocative, she leapt the fence and went ape, years ago.

I thought Miranda's piece though perhaps colorful was not hate speech just a grow a set comment to a troll pest.

Miranda has had hate speech thrown at her for years, when all she does is provide well researched opinion pieces gernally based in facts and not rant.

I don't always agree with her point of view, but there is no way one can attack her opinion on her subject ignorance.

Fairfax has some great centre writers. No right loonies and a fair few lllllloonies straight out of under grad journalism.

Glad to see you got a full time gig Jeff.

4:01 PM  

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